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It’s a well-known fact that music is good for the mind, body, and soul. People who study music become better, more interesting people, and increase their intelligence in measurable ways. It’s science. More importantly of course, music is awesome! And what instrument is more awesome than guitar? None!

In addition to being an experienced performer, I have taught private guitar lessons for several years. I believe learning should be fun and involve more than just seeing where to put your fingers and which notes are which on a music staff (not to discount the importance of those things). I have experience teaching beginners up to advanced players of all ages; whether you want your child to learn a few songs and begin a (hopefully) lifelong passion, or you want to advance your own passion, I have the tools you need. Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic, electric, fingerstyle, and slide techniques; blues, rock, reggae, folk, r&b, and other styles can all be explored. The approach is tailored to each individual student, and above all the goal is to make it fun while giving you or your child a strong musical vocabulary to help facilitate even more independent learning and enjoyment. 

The following are testimonials offered by some former clients:

"Whitney is a talented musician and an exceptional teacher.  The combination of the two is not easy to find. He was patient with my schedule, patient with me and took the time to teach the music I enjoyed most.  Most of all, Whitney just wanted to make sure I was enjoying myself and the guitar." -Natalie B, New York

"Whitney was our son's first guitar teacher, and started teaching him when Luca was six years old. Whitney made learning fun for Luca, and his teaching style was very effective. Within a few months, Whitney and Luca were jamming together and filling our apartment with music. Luca looked forward to his lesson with Whitney all week, and was motivated to prepare for the lesson so that Whitney could teach him new songs. Six years after he started, Luca is still playing guitar regularly and practicing the songs and techniques that Whitney taught him. We are thankful to Whitney for instilling a love of guitar and music in Luca. Luca could not have had a better start." -Bob M, Toronto (formerly of New York)

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